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The 86it Dev Team

86it Updates & News: Where did we get The 86it Network name?

Posted by TheGhost Fri Aug 26, 2022 9:07 pm

The 86it Developers Network name and how we came to use it:

Eighty-six or 86 is American English slang used to indicate that an item is no longer available, or used when referring to a person or people who are not welcome in or on the premises. Its etymology is unknown but seems to have been coined in the 1920s or 1930s. It is used in programming as nix, or 86. i.e. I'm going to 86 this class or function and replace it with a newer better one etc...

The idea is to 86 any software you currently use by creating something new or modifying something to make it better or even totally replacing it, like with PHP-Nuke Titanium because it gets the job done much faster and better.

The term is now more generally used to mean getting rid of someone, or something. In the 1970s, its meaning expanded to refer to murder. i.e Lets murder this code by adding some dope functions with faster routines.

According to the online Merriam-Webster dictionary, it means to "refuse to serve (a customer)", to "get rid of" or "throw out" someone or something.

Agent 86 in the 1960s TV show Get Smart gets his code number from the term.

And now many moons later we use it for The 86it  Developers Network because many of our new members 86 their current News, Forum or Blog software and begin to use PHP-Nuke Titanium.


Ernest Allen Buffington

avatar  Data Scientist / Programmer
  name: Ernest Allen Buffington
  email: ernest.buffington[at]
  phone: (813) 846-2865 | mobile: (813) 520-3360
  CEO @ The 86it Developers Network,
  8010 Woodland Center Blvd #86,
  Tampa 33614, USA
( Reads : 34 )
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